COVID-19 return to Golf Plan

Pastures Golf Club

COVID-19 return to Golf Plan – Pastures Golf Club

(Updated on 28th May 2020)

Phase 1 – To come into operation on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Sole aim:– To protect the health and safety of golfers and staff whilst allowing golf to be played as safely as possible following the lifting of the COVID 19 Lockdown.

It is important to emphasise the fact that there are still restrictions in place on what can and what can’t be done in respect of course maintenance. The opening of the course does not mean that it is business as usual. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the e-mail address

On line booking system

All rounds must be booked in advance using the on-line booking system. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to turn up and play.

Initially, the course was only be open to members, and as such only members were allowed to book a tee time. From 21st May 2020 members are able to bring a guest and some tee times have been opened up to Greenfees. The times available for visitors will be under constant review. During the times that the first tee is available for visitors, the club will ensure that a member of the club is available in the vicinity of the 1st tee to explain the procedure and ensure compliance with Covid-19 related matters.

Bookings will be at 15 minute intervals, regardless of whether this is for a 9 hole or an 18 hole round (4 tee times per hour available).

Each tee time will be restricted to 2 balls. The person making the booking can play alone or with another member (not necessarily a household member).

The course will open at 8am during the week and at 7am on weekends. The last booking time will be 7.30pm. Strictly, no rounds will commence outside of these times.

Car Park Operation – Arrival

Golfers should arrive no more than 15 minutes before their allocated tee time and must not congregate on the car park. Do not park next to a car belonging to someone else that has just arrived or who has just left the course and is putting their clubs away.

Do not park in front of the containers, the exit for golf machinery via the practice area or the area in between. Ample working and manoeuvring space must be made available to greenstaff at all times to allow them to do their job whilst maintaining social distancing.

Golfers should leave the course as soon as they finish their round, freeing up spaces on the car park for others.

Whilst there are no other activities going on at the social club, we should have sole use of the car park, but if the archers or any other group start using the car park we may need to review this.

Golf Course Operation

General Initial Setup

  • Only Yellow tees on the course, but with18 separate teeing areas
  • No bunker rakes, all bunkers can be treated as GUR, this will be subject to early review
  • All ball washers will be covered up
  • Seats/bins removed/covered
  • No flags will be in the holes on the practice green
  • Holes will have plastic inserts so that the ball can be retrieved without touching the hole
  • Flags to be left in at all times and must not be touched

Greenstaff have priority at all times. There may be occasions when they deem it necessary to temporarily close a hole for maintenance. This might not happen but if it does disruption will be kept to a minimum. If a hole is temporarily closed then go to the next hole to avoid congestion, unless advised to wait by the greenstaff. Golfers should not approach the greenstaff while on the course or on the grounds unless in the case of an emergency.

The course is only open for social golf and no competitions will be organised by the club.

The DIZ will remain closed until such time as guidance allows for it to re-open. The DIZ is strictly out of bounds and no golfer should enter it. Strictly no congregating outside the DIZ. You are advised to bring your own drink and food with you, but please remember to take your rubbish home with you as no bins will be in use.

Where possible the toilets will be open and available for use. Soap will be provided but players are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser with them.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

Volunteers will be manning the first tee whenever possible, and at times when the first tee is open to visitors. They will make themselves known to golfers on arrival and their instructions must be followed at all times.

The practice green will be made available to each group for 10 minutes prior to tee off. It should not be used during or after a round. When using the practice green please give space to players accessing the 10th tee if appropriate.

The practice area will be open from Friday 29th May 2020, but it is solely for the use of booked in golfers for 15 minutes prior to their tee time and only one person at a time should use this facility.

From Wednesday 13th May 2020 the course will be closed to members of the public and notices have been put up at entrance points. In the event that members of the public are on the course they should politely be asked to leave, whilst maintaining social distancing. Under no circumstances should members try to force members of the public to leave the course, rather details should be sent in an e-mail to including as much information as possible including names if known or physical descriptions and time, date and location of the incident. All other incidents or episodes of non-compliance should similarity be reported.

Course Restrictions and further guidance

  1. Always wash your hands before and after playing 
  2. No Shaking Hands
  3. The flagstick stays in the hole at all times
  4. Maintain adequate Social Distancing at all times
  5. Any on course ball cleaners are not to be used
  6. All bunkers can be treated as GUR and please smooth any footprints with a club or your foot. Rakes have been removed
  7. Scorecards should not be swapped and if need be, mark all scores on one scorecard for the time being
  8. The DIZ is not a place to gather
  9. Any ‘lost’ golf ball found on the course must be left there!
  10. Greenstaff have priority on the course at all times

The above list may be revised at any point.

The following formed part of the Government guidance issued on 11th May 2020.

From Wednesday 13 May, the government is introducing higher fines for those who do not comply, to reflect the increased risk to others of breaking the rules as we begin to ease the restrictions, and people return to work. Once these new limits are in place, if the police believe that you have broken the law – or if you refuse to follow their instructions enforcing the law – a police officer may issue you with a fixed penalty notice for £100 (reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days). If you have already received a fixed penalty notice, the amount will increase to £200 and double on each further repeat offence, up to a maximum of £3200. Until Wednesday 13 May, the fixed penalty notice is £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days. If you have already received a fixed penalty notice, the amount will increase to £120 and double on each further repeat offence, up to a maximum of £960.

Similarly, a business or venue operating in contravention of the law will be committing an offence. Local authorities (for example, Environmental Health and Trading Standards officers) will monitor compliance, with support from the police if appropriate. Businesses and venues that breach the law will be subject to prohibition notices and fixed penalty notices. Businesses that continue to contravene the law will be forced to close down.

For both individuals and companies, if you do not pay, you may also be taken to court, with magistrates able to impose potentially unlimited fines.

It is imperative that everyone works together on this to ensure that the golf club remains open.

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