New Booking System and Members area (Covid-19)

To Members and friends of Pastures GC

Following on from this week’s message from Tony, we’d like to announce the launch of a new online booking system.

The primary reason for us putting this is place is to ensure we safeguard our members and customers, as well as our green staff, by limiting the tee-off times to certain times and potentially number of players. From the material we have seen so far, we believe that it will be mandatory to pre-book your golf as part of the easing of lock-down and this system will be our primary way of doing this.

Initially, and for an unspecified time the course will only be open to members. This will enable us to test and evaluate our safety and social distancing measures before opening to members guests and then green fees. We do not yet know how long each phase will last for. 

No decision has yet made about restricting the number in each group and it might be that we restrict to 3 balls with 20 minute gaps between tee times to cater for the fact that we are a 9 hole golf course. Some 18 hole courses are initially restricting members to 9 holes when they open, we don’t plan to do that. 

When we open again we will need to be flexible in order to respond to changes as a result of our evaluation of how things are working and any guidance we receive. For that reason members will only be able to book tee times a few days in advance.

This booking system is accessible via our website, there is a public system for green fee’s and a member’s only system, this details the capabilities of the members booking system:

  • Paid members will receive an email with account details to access the system (please check your spam folders)
  • Members will need to log in via the ‘Members Area’ to access the booking system, here:
  • Usernames are case-sensitive so make sure it matches exactly what was provided in the account creation email 
  • We recommend that you change your password to something more memorable via the ‘Profile’ > ‘Account Management’ > ‘Generate new Password’ section. Also, you can update your personal details to make booking easier for you moving forward.
  • Members will be given access to the full calendar of tee off times which are unavailable to the public, this includes:
    • Sunday mornings
    • Tuesday evenings
    • Wednesday mornings
    • Other time slots at the discretion of the committee
  • Bookings can be made by selecting the 15 minutes time slot and entering player details
  • Members will be able to see all other bookings by fellow members via the booking page
  • There is no facility to edit the players on a tee-time booking, so if you would like to add players to a booking you can cancel the booking and recreate it with the additional player(s). We realise this is a limitation but we are using a ‘off the shelf’ system which has certain constraints we do not have control over.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent to your email address

Again, there are a number of variables we have yet to decide upon which will be governed by the PGA and our Government. Following this guidance, we will be adjusting to cater for these restrictions accordingly prior to opening.

We plan to use the members booking system for general play and competitions, when competitions will be allowed.

For green fee players, we will have a booking system which will allow for online payments, this will be limited to times not taken by our members or blocked out at our discretion. This will be launched when we decide to open the course to non-members.

Also, we are conscious that not everyone will have access to use the online system and we are planning to have a number of members broker the bookings on behalf of these members.

Finally, I would like to stress this is a ‘version 1’ of the booking system and feedback would be most welcome, please try out the system and make test bookings to allow you to get familiar with the system and be ready for when we go live with this. We will be resetting all bookings upon the opening of the course.

We hope you understand the need for this and we feel this will ultimately allow us to grow our club by responsibly opening our golf course and modernising our systems.

Best Regards

Paul Barnes, on behalf of the Committee

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