Pete and Picko’s update #2

Another month has gone by with good weather and a well used Golf Course.

The greens are on their second course of feed and the dry patch being treated with wetting agent(see videos below).

Byngy, Jarvo and Richard still volunteering and releasing us both to concentrate on the course.Norman has fixed the leak on side of 3 and Matt Faz had sourced another pump,irrigation on at night thanks to Tony O for new sprinkler heads.Fairway mower repaired by Neil along with quite a few other fixes.

Verti cutting all greens and cutting at weekends now.

We are full time now to keep on top of things and the course is very busy as is the DIZ staffed by Oz Tony Stu and other volunteers.

Online booking excellent, committee looking at machinery facilities and forward planning.Its both our birthdays next week combined age of 134 part of the clubs youth policy!!!

Tining, verticut and summer feed with repair work to both fairways and greens for July,

Enjoy your golf!

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