Pete & Picko’s 2020 journey (so far!)

March 20th Our Greenkeeper Paul Kirk resigns after 2 exceptionally wet winters and the course shut for months

March 23rd we are both asked to come in liaising with Tony Osborne on behalf of the committee.

COVID-19 Lockdown; BIGGA informs clubs about essential work with safe working practices restricting us to 2 people to be on site. 

We plan a program and take advice from Kirky, Joe Kinder and Neil. Greens done by hand to start with, then ride on. Fairways take 3 weeks gradually cutting down

Greens tined, top dressed and seeded repairs started. Repairs to badger damage started. 

Lawn sand, fertiliser program started. Irrigation primed and started. Weed-killed all fairways and tees. 

Tony Osborne takes on irrigation, Richard Essex tees and surrounds Byngy, Jarvo, Gaz under trees and bunkers, Tony Stevens DIZ garden and surrounds. 

Committee get grant in and memberships plus website and booking system mean we are ready to open after 7 weeks hard work!

Quite a few breakdowns and punctures on route, too many to mention. We are still sticking to the Covid-19 rules imposed, hence the course may be untidy in places due to these restrictions. Nice response from members and guests, thanks to everybody! Matt Faz on Sisis machines. 

Looking to the future, we have a good plan in place and think now is time to have discussions with the committee on machinery and employing a Greenkeeper…

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