Online booking cancellations can be made via the booking confirmation email or alterations can be made via an email toย

The person whose PayPal/credit/debit card was used to make the booking is the only person able to change an online booking. A refund will only be given if the booking is cancelled and if the booking is before 48 hours of the activity and a copy of the booking confirmation email received is forwarded toย

If the course is open and deemed fit for play no refunds will be issued.

If the course is closed, no person may play on the course and all bookings are cancelled. It is then up to the individual(s) concerned to re-book their golf slots by contactingยย within 24 hours of their original booking, pre-paid monies will be automatically transferred to the new booking. Alternatively following a cancellation request a full refund will be issued.

Member/Visitor/Guest tee-off time booked online, but not fulfilled, will not be entitled to a refund.

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